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Welcome to Ubuni Dynamics. The home of dynamic and agile business solutions for the modern digital organization

Ubuni Dynamics is a Microsoft Partner incorporated in the year 2017 under the Laws of the Republic of Kenya. In a span of 3 years, we have become a leading ICT solutions provider for organizations across various sectors. We have delivered several projects for clients in varied verticals and this has enabled us to solidly venture into areas thought to be initially complex in nature and emerged with success stories.


Ubuni Dynamics is a strategic ICT consulting company who believe that the quality of your ICT strategy will have a solid and profound impact on business achievements. Ubuni is a centre of ICT expertise dedicated to advising and assisting our clients and partners to cope with their most challenging technology and business issues. We are responsive to the challenges of ensuring that returns on IT investments are optimal by exploring suitable metrics. Our human resource skill set is the embodiment of our commitment to working with clients to explore business solutions. With over 5 years’ experience in ICT consulting, Ubuni has handled Project Management, Quality Assurance, Sourcing and Audits for numerous ICT projects for various sectors in Kenya and beyond.